Letter to Editor: Martinez will work hard for Valley if elected to House District 62 seat


Matthew Martinez will work hard for the San Luis Valley and Colorado House District 62.

I’m thrilled to have Martinez as a neighbor, and I can’t think of a better person to represent us in the Colorado House of Representatives. He has served his local community and his country. His passion for this community is visible in all the work and volunteering he does. The issues that Martinez is focusing on that are dearest to me are water, healthcare and the rights of our veterans.

Unsurprisingly Martinez will fight tooth and nail, anyone who wishes to export water from this Valley. But he also wants to make sure his constituents have clean drinking water. He believes that every citizen has the right to quality affordable healthcare and shouldn’t have to choose between that and food or housing. I believe we’re doing much better in Colorado than other states, but we have a long way to go before every man, woman and child here, has access to this. I don’t think anyone would suggest that veterans should have to fight for rights at home after fighting for their country. Yet, they are constantly having to fight for benefits and support owed to them by the country they serve. Martinez, as a veteran of the United States Marines, knows this only too well and will fight with every available means to make sure they don’t have to.

When you fill in your ballot, which should be in the mail, if you haven’t already received it, please join me in voting for Matthew Martinez for Colorado House District 62!

Laura Conchelos

Monte Vista