Letter to Editor: Make a Difference Day was a success


Photos courtesy of Baer family


Our Oct. 22, 2022, Make A Difference Day event was a success thanks to San Luis Valley residents, business and community support. This day is about compassion. Once again individuals came together to support two worthy causes, love for the planet and for people.

A grand total of 66 trucks, trailers and cars passed through the gates of the Regional Landfill. Deposited were 212 tires and 246 cubic yards of household, organic and construction debris.

These items will not be dumped on our roadsides, stacked up on beautiful scenic acreage or polluting our rivers and lakes.

The donations collected for the Monte Vista Food Bank were valued at $737 in non-perishable food items. That amount will feed 39 people for 3 days. The $801 cash donated will be used to buy special holiday food.

Thank you, Regional Landfill Board and Employees, for opening your hearts, minds and gates to the community for the 23rd year. Your donation of time, wages and uncollected revenue is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Monte Vista Food Bank, for your continued service to those in need.

Thank you local grocery stores for the donation of fresh foods. This made it possible for the Baer family to prepare a meal to share with the Landfill workers and volunteers.

Thank you local newspapers and radio stations for getting the word out for this event.

Thank you San Luis Valley residents for cleaning up your yards and community. We appreciate you opening your pantry and wallets again this year and providing a meal for others; you gave generously.

Thank you to the many volunteers that gave hours of your time.

We are very proud to have celebrated twenty-three years of our event.

We have made a difference in our community!

This event benefits all who participate.

The Baer family

Monte Vista