Letter to Editor: Book serves as catalyst for further evaluation


We feel the recent article detailing the events at the Monte Vista School District Board meeting presented a mischaracterization of the goals of the parents involved. As parents, we first found the book, “The Hate U Give” problematic within the classroom because it was required reading for the class and it contains significant profanity, some sexual content, as well as plenty of content that we, and others, find ideologically objectionable.

We received no warning or notification of these things. The initial discussion with the teacher included requesting an alternative assignment. The offerings were inadequate and outside of the scope of the class. Upon further review of the class materials that were being presented we found that the materials presented only one side of a very politically divisive issue and the students were not given the opportunity for discourse.

We would characterize some of the material as Critical Race Theory propaganda, especially when infused with a one-sided discussion led by the teacher. We feel the newspaper presented the parents' objections as those to racism being presented in the classroom.

We have no objection to a straightforward presentation of racism as it has been defined for years within this country, but current definitions have shifted and are now a source of contention.

This class is not intended to be a class analyzing political topics, rather, students are supposed to be learning about literary analysis. We did not ask for the book to be banned, but rather it not be utilized as required material within a classroom.

We would also like to see additional transparency of instruction materials and an unbiased presentation of materials. The statements at the board meeting were larger than the concerns with this book, this book merely served as a catalyst for a further evaluation of that to which our children were subject.

Bart and Ruthanna Seger, Kenneth and Barbara Sears, Seth and Ashli Adams, and Brian and Angela Waggoner

Monte Vista