Kid’s Connection grateful to Larry Reed

MONTE VISTA - At the last Monte Vista City Council meeting Kid’s Connection Director Anika Velasquez, gave a report to the council on how the summer has been for the program. During her report she read the following to them about a generous donation they had received: “In June I was notified that Kid’s Connection was named successor in a family trust and that we would be expecting a check from the trust sometime this year. Well that check came in. Long time Center resident Larry Reed passed away on April 16, 2020. Larry moved to the San Luis Valley in the late 60s to start farming from the ground up. For the next 50 years he lived his dream of running a farm and working the land farming potatoes and wheat. He married the love of his life Vivian Janice Todd in Monte Vista and although they never had children of their own I was told that they adored any program that made children a priority.

Kid’s Connection has been beyond blessed to be included in their final wishes. And the Reed Family trust left Kid’s Connection $50,000.”

Velasquez told the council when she received the news she was so touched she had no words. “It couldn’t have come at a better time. We haven’t had luck with granters this year, but this definitely made a difference for the program,” said Velasquez later adding, “I never met Mr. Reed but I know he was a member of the Methodist Church in Monte Vista. I’m assuming he either saw our building or a church member mentioned our program to him and that’s how we ended up there.” Velasquez shared that she is still in shock at his kind generosity.


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