Johnson seeks city council seat

MONTE VISTA— Monte Vista resident Gary Johnson has announced his candidacy for city council.
Johnson is currently the head of the local Neighborhood Watch organization and a businessman who has founded, managed and successfully run several startups including a bookkeeping & tax service; mortgage loan processing software company; a home repair service and a thriving mobile home dealership. He has also managed a clerical staff at a national bank & home mortgage company and managed and led the travel and administrative staff with a national real estate investment firm while also conducting investment seminars.
While in Monte Vista he has been involved with reducing the drug abuse problem while promoting new businesses to locate or expand into town. His passion for Monte Vista came alive when he heard about the drug abuse problem here and immediately set about joining with local citizens to find a solution.
Those activities include at least 20 business-developing/drug-reducing committees and civic organizations either presided over, activated or supported by Johnson.
He feels not only impassioned, but qualified to serve and save this town. “I have always been involved in the political and governmental affairs of my community, state and nation— mostly as a ‘peoples’ advocate.’ But while involved in student government in college I was shocked over an un-patriotic action passed by the council and sensed that the student body shared my position. I organized a referendum against their radical stand and saw the students turn out in numbers beyond anything in the college’s history and the ‘people’ won the day overturning the council’s action.
“That may have been a while ago but the point is that I knew that the ‘government’ was out of control and not in touch with the will of the ‘people’…which is exactly my feeling about Monte Vista and their current out-of-touch city council.
“Much also has been said about business growth but there are still apparently more empty storefronts today than four years ago. And very little—if anything—has been said about controlling or combating the drug problem; mainly because this council (and city attorney) is from all appearances highly in favor of rescinding our current ordinance and bringing in drug sales to boost our economy. Which even if it worked (which it doesn’t) a drug-enhanced economy is a sure way to drive other (legitimate) business away—not attract them.”
Please visit for more information on Johnson and to “see the facts without the excuses.”

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