House on 917 South Broadway comes down

Photo Courtesy of the City of Monte Vista

June 9 the Monte Vista Urban Renewal Authority gathered at 917 South Broadway to take down a dilapidated house. According to City Manager Forrest Neuerburg, for the past four years the MVURA has been focused on the elimination of blighted residential properties in the community. The MVURA received a grant from the State of Colorado three years ago, and created a new program which provides for the acquisition of vacant and dilapidated houses and either the demolition or rehab of those buildings. To date, the MVURA has acquired 5 houses through tax lien sales or voluntary sales by the owners.

The house on 917 South Broadway was more than 70 years old and in extreme disrepair, and was sold voluntarily by the owners. Another house purchased by the MVURA came down earlier this year and four more were slated to be demolished following the house on 917 South Broadway. The MVURA is working on a number of ways to replace the vacant houses with new housing units. They are in discussion with a number of other housing providers in the area and it is possible the State may soon have some funds for new construction as well. “In the meantime the lots will finally have the debris, garbage, and dilapidated houses removed,” stated City Manager Neuerburg.


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