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MONTE VISTA - With COVID-19 in our State, organizations and establishments of all sorts are taking precautionary measures at this time. Veteran’s Community Living Center at Homelake is no exception. Its dedicated staff is doing all that they can to help protect our country’s heroes from the virus.

“We’re doing really well. I think as you know our first and foremost goal is the safety and health of our residents and our staff. With that being said we always want to make sure we’re taking an abundance of caution for our veterans,” said Homelake Administer Mindy Montague. Montague shared how Homelake is not accepting regular visitors at this time. Only essential individuals will be allowed to enter. This includes: facility staff, medical personnel, vendors, adult protective services staff, licensing/ survey staff, friends or family visiting during end of life stages, friends or family who are essential for the individual’s health, and other individuals who are defined as essential in legal or medical needs.

“We have an awesome and great activities department that is taking activities to a new level,” said Montague sharing that the residents are keeping in good spirits during this trying time adding, “We know that this is difficult for family members as well as our residents and it’s vital for us to make sure that they are staying connected with their families and friends. We are setting up capabilities for face-time, Skype, phone calls, video chat, letter writing, receiving cards, anything like that.”
For individuals wanting to show kindness to those living at Homelake Montague said, “We have a lot of individuals wanting to do acts of kindness. If they would like to send cards they’re welcome to. Right now our supplies are in good standing. We always have to prepare for situations like this so we should be good that way. But I can say that we also have individuals who have donated supplies to us as well. We are very accepting of those. We don’t know if there can or will be a time that we may need additional supplies. Right now our vendors have been great we’ve been receiving everything that we need.”

“I have to say that our staff are very committed to our Veterans. We are all hands on deck, every department is working together as a team. It doesn’t matter what area you are in everybody is meeting with our veterans and our residents,” said Montague adding, “As I mentioned earlier our activities department is doing bingo because you know there are some space limitations. We can’t congregate as large groups. They are doing one-on-one with all of them. Staff developed bags for every single resident and they are putting requested items that they would like. If they wanted a certain video, if they wanted a certain game, puzzle or coloring items, or music, or anything like that they’ve created those individually for every resident so they have what they need.” During this time staff are also taking resident’s food orders and bringing meals to them.

For those who want to send letters and cards or supplies, please mail them to: P.O. Box 97, Homelake, CO 81135. Montague also wanted to make sure the community knows how grateful Homelake feels saying, “Homelake would not be where we are and survive for as long as we have if it wasn’t for everyone in the community that has done all their acts of kindness and are continuing.” 


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