GripTape open house set in MV

MONTE VISTA— GripTape is a national non-profit organization that gives youth between the ages of 15 and 19 the opportunity to learn about something they are interested in. They do this by giving the students a grant of up to $500 to learn about anything they want such as: tattooing, learning a new culture, designing a website, starting their own business, and so on.

Recently GripTape has designed a project based in the San Luis Valley known as the Community Challenge. It is a group of youth wanting to make a change in their community. The youth have complete decision making throughout this process and have chosen to create an arcade with a nightclub inside to give youth a safe environment to have fun. They hope to encourage youth to get more involved in safe activities throughout their community and keep youth away from many of the epidemics in the valley including drug and alcohol abuse.

Once the arcade/nightclub is up they want it to be employed completely by youth to allow the youth of the community to expand their knowledge on running a business and gain work experience.

To get the community more aware of what they are doing they are hosting an open house on Sept. 16 in the Monte Vista High School cafeteria between 6 and 8:30 p.m. They invite people of all ages to come and join them anytime between these hours to learn more about the project and give feedback.


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