Golf course sees upswing in users

MONTE VISTA - City Finance Director Jennifer Signs shared with the Monte Vista city council some updates on Monte Vista’s golf course at their last meeting. “We kind of already agreed to let the golf course continue on for this season with discussion happening in the future of alternatives we can do and things that we can do out there to utilize the space in more ways than one,” Signs said, sharing with the council that in the last few weeks the golf course has taken major strides toward success.

Signs told the council that recently the golf course has made some changes including appointing a new pro-shop manager along with an assistant. Their greens are also in really good shape this season and they are improving communications with the employees and the board. “Also they’re doing really great things as far as marketing strategies getting people in the door and busting revenues. Something that I find really interesting are two things about what we’re experiencing right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now recreation is shut down completely for most sports. Jaime our rec coordinator he can’t hold his normal basketball, baseball, soccer, all of that stuff that he normally does in the summer, it’s shut down. But the golf course is open as a recreation facility,” said Signs, sharing that she has been out there and seen people of all ages playing on the course. This year with the pandemic they have seen a rise players.

“Some interesting numbers to back that up. The golf course wasn’t able to open on time this year due to COVID-19 restrictions they opened six weeks later than normal. Now that the pro-shop manager and assistant manager have had the opportunity to go through the books, and make sure everything looks good, they have determined that they are about $5,000 ahead of where they were last year. So even though they have been shut down a long period of time they’re still making revenue and they’re still doing great things out there that have put them ahead of where they were last year,” Signs told the council. She went on to share that their golf memberships have gone up by 29 percent this year compared to last year. They’ve also gained 24 new memberships that they didn’t have in previous years.

“They’re bringing in new faces out there people who may never have golfed before are coming out there to golf because that’s what we can do right now. It’s something that’s available to our community. Anybody knows that the biggest struggle in business is getting people through that door, so we’ve got new people that are coming through that door and having a really good time,” said Signs.

Recently the golf course has been seeing an average of 30 to 50 players a day on their slow days. On their busy days the golf course is reporting between 60 to 70 players out on the course. The golf board is also working on ways to bring in even more customers. They are reaching out to RV parks in the hopes that more people will come play. They’re also proposing senior and junior days by offering discounts to players above or below certain ages.

“I would propose rather than not renewing the lease or not working with the golf course, I would propose that the city council meet with the golf board in a work session and kind of get on the same page. Of what your goals are and what their goals are and work together,” suggested Signs. The proposal and update were well received by the council.

“I’d like to say at the very beginning of this in January, I wasn’t in favor of renewing the lease,” shared Councilor Martha Lock adding, “But I saw the golf board come in here. I saw them listen to what you had to say about this. I saw them realizing that things were wrong and I am seeing such improvement. I’m so proud of you all. My mind is absolutely changed. They’ve done a good job and I do want to see it succeed. I want to see something there succeed and if you all are succeeding then I think that’s great.”


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