Flower bed volunteers needed in Monte Vista

Photo by Rebecca Copley  A photo of some of the volunteers in 2019, left to right, Carol Schroeder, Evelyn Farish, Margot Alexander, and Donna Templeton.

MONTE VISTA — Every summer well-cared-for flower beds throughout Monte Vista keep the city looking cheerful and beautiful.

Every year volunteers help to take care of the flower beds that add pops of color to the streets and parks in town. In the past, the city used to employ someone to take care of all the flower beds in the city. But in 2002 they could no longer afford to pay someone to do the full-time job. 

The call for volunteers went out and was answered by many hardworking townsfolk. Ever since then volunteers have been dividing the full-time job of planting, weeding, pruning and caring for the community flower beds. 

As the group gets ready to start their work on the flower beds for the 2021 season, they need more volunteers to join them. The work on the flower beds begins as the weather starts to warm up in April and will continue until it gets too cold in the fall. 

The city supplies the flower bed volunteers with all the plants, soil, and fertilizer that they need. There is no cost to the volunteers except for their time and labor they generously give. 

Karen Howard who is one of the flowerbed volunteers said that the volunteers are not expected to do a certain number of hours.

“Whatever they can do would be great. I try to go there at least once a week. Sometimes it’s for three hours,” Howard said. “But if they can spend an hour that’s great. Any amount of time that they can spare would be fine.” 

Howard also said that if people are interested in joining but don’t have gardening experience, they’re happy to have them come and learn. Many of the other volunteers have gardens and are happy to help teach people.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Karen Howard for more information at 719-850-2637. 

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