First sponsored bike rack installed in Monte Vista


Courtesy photos The first sponsored artisan bicycle rack was installed in front of Quincy’s Steakhouse on Adams Street in Monte Vista on Feb. 10. The rack was sponsored by the OptiMystics Citizens Action Network and built by artist John Patterson. Each rack will have a

MONTE VISTA — The first sponsored artisan bicycle rack was installed on Adams Street in Monte Vista on Feb. 10.

Ken Hamko, a member of the OptiMystics Citizens Action Network, proposed the idea for the sponsored bike racks, to the city in December of 2021 and suggested that the racks would be beneficial to local businesses and parks, as it would allow citizens to lock up their bikes while they shop or work in different areas of the city.

Hamko was pleased to see the first rack put up in front of Quincy’s Steakhouse on Adams Street.

“The joint project between the Friends of The Sandhill Cranes and the OptiMystics Citizens Action network has finally kick-started, with the first install, of an artistic one-of-a-kind bike rack,” Hamko said. “This is the first of many with two main purposes — to give folks another reason to stroll the streets of downtown Monte Vista, and two, to encourage folks to ride their bikes around town because they now have a way to secure them while shopping.”

Hamko proposed the idea to Monte Vista City Council on Dec. 16. City Council approved allowing sponsored bicycle racks to be placed at parks and private businesses in Monte Vista. Local artist John Patterson, who uses old metal farm parts to create sculptures and artwork, would be paid via sponsorship to create the racks. 

When Hamko proposed the idea he said, “Currently there are little to no bike racks in Monte Vista.” Hamko said that some local businesses liked the idea and were in favor of the bike racks. 

Hamko explained that each bike rack would be unique — no two would be alike. The racks would be sold to sponsors in their raw metal state. Each sponsor could choose to display the rack as is or have a local artist of their choice paint and decorate the racks, but the cost would be covered by the sponsor. Each bike rack would also contain a license plate with the name of the sponsor and artist on the plate.   

The OptiMystics were appreciative of the City Public Works Department for their time and work installing the first bike rack.

“We can’t thank the City and Public Works enough for all of their time and help with this project, it is very much appreciated,” said Adam Lock, of the OptiMystics.  

For more information on the project, visit the OptiMystics Citizen Action Network website,

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