Exciting opportunities may be in Sargent’s future

Page Sewell tells the Sargent School board members about diploma endorsements for biliteracy. 

MONTE VISTA— During Sargent’s regular school board meeting on July 29, exciting new ideas were brought before the board.
Page Sewell came before the board to tell them about the Colorado Seal of biliteracy. The Colorado Seal of biliteracy is an endorsement that can be added to a high school diploma. Sewell thought that this program could be a great way for Sargent to distinguish itself from other schools. To earn the endorsement, students would need to demonstrate proficiency or higher in their English classes and proficiency in one world language class. The goal of this program is to authorize school districts and charter high schools the ability to grant a diploma endorsement for students who can demonstrate these skills. “Why should we offer it here at Sargent? Because biliteracy skills and bicultural skills are attractive to future employers and colleges,” Sewell told the board. It would not require a lot for Sargent to able to give these endorsements to students and would be another opportunity they could provide for them. Sewell is hopeful they could have the program going by next year or by 2021.
Lyle Carbutt brought another exciting opportunity before the board, which is offering certification courses on phlebotomy for students. The curriculum for these courses would mostly be online modules, with the later part of the course being hands-on practice. Students would have to take tests and do all the requirements and practices before being able to move on to an internship at Rio Grande Hospital in Del Norte.
They would make sure they have a good grasp on the techniques before sending them to do an internship at the hospital. They would also have to work with the school nurse before being sent to their internship. With the internship and the testing these students would have to go through they would become fully certified phlebotomists and would have a great start to a career right out of high school; it’s a good paying job too with most phlebotomists making around $33,000 a year. “
This is a great opportunity,” Lyle Carbutt told the school board. He is hopeful that they could make this program even bigger. Branching out into different avenues of medicine and helping students get certifications or a least help them get their foot in the door in the healthcare fields. Carbutt told the board how there is a need for people in the healthcare fields, and with certifications students might be able to get jobs right out of high school. Right now they’re exploring what interest there would be in getting a program like this started.
Another notable event from the Sargent school board meeting, was Will Hathaway joining them as a new board member. Hathaway’s children are all grown, and he has no students at Sargent but hopes that he will be able to bring a new perspective to the board.


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