Crestone-based religious group leaves island of Kauai

Photo from Love Has Won Facebook page

CRESTONE — According to video reports and media coverage, the Crestone-based religious group Love Has Won has been deported from the Hawaiian island of Kauai after officials there told them they were not welcome in the area.

An undetermined number of members of the group are said to have recently taken up residence in a beach rental house in Kauai to serve a mandatory 14-day COVID-19 quarantine. “Mother God” Amy Carlson claims to be the island’s goddess Pele, goddess of fire, who legend says will return someday to the island. Kauai residents are not convinced, according to videos posted on the site covering the group’s expulsion:

Fox News also covered the group’s Kauai expulsion at

The article explains that those protesting the group’s presence on the island objected to the group’s “Appropriation of Hawaiian culture,” in Carlson’s claim to be Pele.

Carlson can be heard erupting in offensive and abusive language during the videos. Her followers claim that those who deny she is Pele are guilty of slander, an accusation also levied at local media. The group contests the coverage by Guru Magazine, denying any connection to Kristal Reisinger’s disappearance and insisting they are we are a Holistic Healing Charity that promotes healing through plant-based medicine, serving love, God and humanity.

The mayor of Kauai escorted members of the group to the airport after telling them no one on the island would welcome them. When Carlson and her boyfriend flew to Maui Sunday, the mayor there said he would pay for them to fly to San Francisco, and they accepted his offer. The Fox News report states the group left the island for safety reasons.

A two-part series on the group is scheduled to air Sept. 14-15 on the Dr. Phil Show.
Love Has Won has reportedly returned to Casita Park in Crestone.


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