Council undoes ordinance dealing with churches in commercial zones

Planning and Zoning commission will be looking at zoning codes

MONTE VISTA — During the Monte Vista City Council meeting a request to abolish an ordinance amending the Monte Vista Municipal Code and removing the special review use designation for religious institutes in commercial highway and commercial business, was brought before the council.
The ordinance was passed 3-2 at the council’s Nov. 5 meeting last year.
City Clerk Unita Vance addressed the council about the request to abolish Ordinance 907.
“The reason I bring this before you is after lengthy discussions with the Planning and Zoning commission. This is a project that they would like to take on not just this project, but they also would like to take on the project of looking at the zoning code as a whole,” Vance said. Vance also said the Planning and Zoning commission has three members again with Ken Hamko recently being added to serve on the commission.
“Now that we have three members, of the Planning and Zoning commission our first meeting will be on March 25. And we will start looking at the zoning code and we are going to meet probably a couple of times during each month to put some of these in place, to change some of the zoning codes that are outdated,” Vance said.
Councilor Larry Foster made a motion that they abolish Ordinance 907 and Councilor Gary Johnson seconded. Mayor Pro Tem Victor Sigala asked for clarification if this would return the ordinance to what was before the November vote.
“Correct. When ordinance 907 was brought to you a few months ago to remove the religious institutes from commercial highway and commercial business. I’m asking for you to just completely abolish that ordinance. It will remain the same as it is in our code right now. And we will take it to the Planning and Zoning commission to look at those zoning regulations as a whole,” explained Vance.


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