Council says farewell to two council members

MONTE VISTA - As Monte Vista City council begins a new year, they had to say goodbye to two council members at their last meeting. Council women Kathleen Ellithorpe and Kathy Lorenz have finished their terms serving the City of Monte Vista.
“As your term of service ends and you leave this council, we the City of Monte Vista staff wish you the very best,” said City Clerk Unita Vance, “We want you to know that your commitment to the City has been greatly appreciated. It is through community leaders like you that the City of Monte Vista is able to provide service to the citizens and to help make a better community. You have each made many differences within the City of Monte Vista. Now you will start a new adventure and we want to wish you the very best.”
The two councilors were presented with farewell gifts. Each of them received a keychain which said, “Great leaders inspire greatness in others.” All those at the meeting stood up and applauded the two women for their years of service on the council.
Kathleen Ellithorpe shared a few parting words saying, “I just want to say thank you to the rest of the council and the Mayor and the folks at the city. It has been such an educational experience and so much fun. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be a part of this group. So thank you and continue forward.”


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