Community looks to help those with emergency needs

MONTE VISTA - During the last Monte Vista City Council Meeting Angela Jaramillo came before the council to talk about emergency community funding. Jaramillo shared with the Council that she is a resident in Monte Vista and an owner of two businesses. She also minsters at Saint Joseph Catholic Church. “What brings me here today is I would like some support on a project of emergency relief funding for families in emergency need in our community. One would have to meet the criteria and guidelines to receive the donation of the emergency funding. I would like to begin the project by funding through donations and contributions of anyone who would like to contribute to this funding,” Jaramillo told the council adding, “It has recently come to my attention that in the month of September there were 35 water shutoffs throughout the community. This saddens me as 35 families in our community, my friends struggle without water. How many of these families were in emergency need?”
Jaramillo further stating, “How do we sleep at night as leaders aware of this crisis? We are in a very tough time right now through the pandemic. As the pandemic is not over many continue to struggle. Many families continue to struggle without work.”

When Jaramillo had finished her presentation, she took out a donation bucket she had brought and told them that she would like to give the first donation for the emergency fund giving $50.

The Council responded supportively with Councilor Gary Johnson saying, “I appreciate that sentiment. I’d like to pursue this a bit further even. It sounds like there are organizations for this kind of thing but what you’re talking about is a grassroots (approach). Just get the people together, and let’s help out our neighbors. I think that’s something we ought to pursue and look at all the other avenues that are available.”

“Basically, what I’m looking for is support on projecting the project for the community. How we can all come together and start something. An emergency relief funding or a program that can help families  in emergency needs. As we are all in the middle of a struggle at this point,” said Jaramillo. Jaramillo also shared that she would like to have other members join this team with her.

After some more discussion it was decided that the City would look into the different avenues that such a fund would require.

During City Manager Forrest Neuerburg’s report to the council he also shared that he had discovered possible ways that the City could provide utility relief through CARES act funding.

A motion was made by Councilor Gary Johnson to approve for the City’s staff to investigate and implement CARES act funding for utility relief. The entire council present voted yes and the motioned passed. Mayor Pro Tem Victor Sigala was not present for the meeting. 


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