Colorado needs substitute teachers

COLORADO - Currently schools across Colorado are experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers as the pandemic is still spreading. During these uncertain times teachers and schools are having issues with teachers being unavailable as they are sometimes in quarantine. Whether they are sick or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Forcing schools to have to cancel that in-person class and go remote with specific classes.
In an effort to still provide students with in-person learning, there is a need for more substitute teachers. If this is something you have ever considered, now is a great time to go for it and be there for students in our communities. According to the Colorado Department of Education’s (CDE) website, “Classroom substitute teachers come from all walks of life and can positively impact students’ lives. Substitute teaching compensation ranges from $100 to $200 a day across the state. Earn money, influence lives and make a difference in your community.”
There are three types of substitute authorizations that the State of Colorado issues. These are based on a person’s educational background and experience, which allows them to work as a substitute teacher in a Colorado public school district, charter school or BOCES. They have also added a fourth authorization just for the 2020-2021 academic school year in an effort to help districts and students during these difficult times.
If you are interested in more information, or you want to find out if you qualify to be a substitute teacher you can go to subapp?fbclid=IwAR3hSL7 SlWZ0j_ dymCQ9jFkdz6_7OseRW uDwbo YANFCBBZyGlI6y7Rl0CXE.  There you will find resources and everything you need to know to get started in helping your community and students during these uncertain times.