City to step up site triangle enforcement

MONTE VISTA— So what is a site triangle and why is it important?
“In light of a recent accident, this topic is taking on new life in the City of Monte Vista,” explained City Manager Forrest Neuerburg. “Our police chief brought this up at the last council meeting and with this recent accident we are about to step up enforcement of this city code.”
There are numerous intersections in the city where drivers and pedestrians have a difficult time seeing cross traffic before they enter an intersection.  This is often due to overgrown or untrimmed shrubs, trees and bushes which make it difficult to see.
Under municipal code, lots on an intersection are required to maintain a clear vision triangle.   

Sec. 12-17-70. Vision clearance
(a) The vision clearance area shall contain no plantings, walls, fences, structures or temporary or permanent obstructions between two and one-half (2½) feet and eight (8) feet in height, except for trees or signs. The height shall be measured from the top of the curb or existing grade.
(b) Vision clearance areas shall be provided with the following distance establishing the size of the vision clearance area:
(1) At street intersections in the RU, RE, RL, RM, RH, Mfg-H and MSW Districts, the minimum
distance shall be thirty (30) feet. At alley intersections in a residential district, the minimum distance
shall be ten (10) feet.
(2) At street intersections in the CH and I Districts, the minimum distance shall be fifteen (15)
feet. When the angle of intersection between streets is less than thirty (30) degrees, the distance shall
be twenty-five (25) feet. At alley intersections, the minimum distance shall be ten (10) feet. (Ord. 789 §18-386, 2006)

For the most part, complying with this city ordinance requires maintenance of these areas to make sure that people can see whether in a vehicle, on a bicycle or as a pedestrian. The city is working to establish a pool of volunteers who can help homeowners in need take care of these issues.
In September, the city will begin to identify intersections where this is a particular issue.  Property owners/tenants will receive a letter from the city informing them of the issue and giving them 30 days to address the problem.
Property owners/tenants are encouraged to contact the city if they receive a letter and have particular questions.
“This effort is not designed to penalize our citizens, but is really there to help make the community safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians,” Neuerburg added.
For more information contact Neuerburg, at 719-852-2692 or [email protected]


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