City preparing for spring and summer

MONTE VISTA— Monte Vista City Manager Forrest Neuerburg took to the city council’s podium at the April 4 regular meeting to ask for the passing of some resolutions and to inform the public about upcoming plans for the spring and summer. The council approved resolutions regarding staff wages, accepting sewer improvement work and watering restrictions.
At the end of the month city council meeting in March the Employer’s Council presented research regarding the city of Monte Vista’s wages for employees. It was determined some of the pay was below market value and a plan to have the city be competitive was recommended. The city council unanimously approved Resolution 01-2019 which revises the city’s compensation philosophy and wage basis for employees. The plan will be implemented in steps based on the budget standing of the city, and a second phase will be reviewed in 2020.
Resolution 02-2019 was unanimously approved which accepted work as completed for the city of Monte Vista’s sewer system improvements. The resolution puts on record that RMS Utilities Inc., and Gardner Excavating completed their contracted projects satisfactorily and in a professional manner.
The final resolution to be passed by a unanimous vote was Resolution 03-2019 that establishes watering restrictions from May through October. Neuerburg stated that although the Valley did experience a heavier snow this year it has not been overall enough to completely refill the aquifer. It was expected that watering restrictions would be implemented for the spring and summer of 2019. Neuerburg said that citizens would be informed of the restrictions and the days they are allowed to water. There are also exceptions for things such as planting a new lawn which can be planned and discussed by visiting city hall.
Some spring clean-up days will also be offered by the city in May. This will likely be done in conjunction with Pirate Pride Day and Monte Vista High School. This will give citizens the opportunity to do some spring cleaning and have the city haul some of their trash. There are items that will not be accepted that are hazardous. More information and details will be made available to the public soon.


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