City experiences uptick in dog-related violations

MONTE VISTA— There has been a large increase in the amount of dogs running at large in Monte Vista. This problem has created headaches for drivers and property owners throughout the city.
Monte Vista Code Enforcement Officer Shane Porter has noted this problem and has also found that many people are unfamiliar with regulations relating to the responsibilities of dog owners.
“In a two-day period recently I took nine animals to the Conour Animal Shelter,” Porter explained. “This wasn’t all of the dogs which I dealt with in those two days.”
Porter tries to contact the owners of dogs when he can figure that out, but often it is difficult.  “We run into a lot of dogs which are not licensed so it makes it difficult for me to try to return the animals rather than take them to the shelter,” Porter added.
The City of Monte Vista does require that all dogs be registered and licensed and the cost for the dog licensing is $8 for the tags. At the time of registration and licensing, a vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian must be provided for the dog. The vaccination that is absolutely required in Monte Vista is a rabies vaccination. Licenses are good for one calendar year.
In many cases, the City will try to contact the known owner of a dog which is captured that is running at large and generally the City tries to be lenient the first time the animal is captured running at large. However, it is a violation for dogs to be running at large, and the owners can receive a citation. Owners can also expect to be cited for repeat offenses. At the same time, the owner can also be cited for the dog not being registered.
“We understand that sometimes dogs can escape but when they are out on a regular basis, causing problems with people and other animals and running into traffic, the problem gets a lot more serious,” Porter concluded.
Citizens should also be aware that the City does require dogs to be under “the immediate control” of the owner and except in the case of very well-trained dogs, this generally means having a leash on the dog. Dogs which are not under proper control of their owners can pose a hazard to other citizens and properties and failure to control a dog properly can result in a citation or even impoundment of the dog.
The City hopes this information will help residents understand their responsibilities for their dogs and that will lead to more responsible and considerate dog ownership by the citizens.


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