City Council interviews candidates

Monte Vista city council members interview candidates for the council. Names were drawn to determine the order of the interviews. John Camponeschi’s name was drawn first.

MONTE VISTA - A city work session was held Jan. 7  to interview prospective candidates to fill a vacant seat on the city council. Only one candidate ran during the general public election leaving one more seat to be filled.
“Elections to fill a vacancy on the city council may be held by secret ballot or by roll call vote. After the votes are cast, the City clerk will collect and count the votes. The Mayor will then announce the results. If any of the nominees received a vote of majority of the remaining councilors in office on the first ballot, he or she shall be declared elected. If none of the nominees receive such a majority vote at the end of the first balloting, the candidate receiving the fewest number of votes will be dropped as a candidate unless the elimination of such name or names in cases of a tie vote would leave only one candidate for the office. This process will continue until one candidate receives the majority vote of remaining council members in office,” Mayor Dale Becker read to each of the candidates.
The four candidates interviewed for the position were: John Camponeschi, Martha Smithson Lock, Steven Valdez, and Kathleen Ellithorpe. The candidates were each interviewed separately and asked the same 10 questions. One of those questions was, “What is your vision for your term as city councilor?”
 Camponeschi answered saying, “Progress. Building on the progress that has happened over the last two years, as I have watched. Caring and love. I love Monte Vista I really do,” he summarized by saying: “I would like to see progress occur in the city. I would like to see growth. I would like to see stabilization.” Camponeschi also shared how he would like to help Monte Vista discover its niche and build human connection by getting involved in the community.
Smithson Lock answered the question saying, “I would like to grow in my involvement in the community. I would like to grow in my service to the community. Having never held a political position before I want this to be a learning curve for me. And again just increase my availability and ability to be of service to this town.”
Valdez answered saying, “Just to get involved in the city. I love the city of Monte Vista. I’ve been an active member of this community since as long as I can remember.  As long as I was able to. I want to stay informed and I want everyone else to be informed of what’s going on because I think that is the key to a successful city.”
Ellithorpe answered by saying, “I’ve kind of been involved in some projects I’d like to see them completed. I’d like to complete the Ski Hi project, I’d like to be involved in what goes on with the golf course, and some of the other things that we’ve begun. The revitalization of downtown Monte Vista, and bringing businesses in, I think is a priority. You all need to know even if I’m not the person that you choose, I’ll still continue to do those things. Being a productive part of the community. Trying to help bring things around.”
The City Council will vote at the next city council meeting, to see which candidate is selected to fill the vacant seat.


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