City council enacts new burning guidelines

MONTE VISTA—At the Sept. 6 meeting the Monte Vista City Council passed Ordinance 887 which creates guidance for citizens on what they can burn and how that can safely be done.
“One of the first questions people have asked is does this affect barbecue grills and fire pits and this Ordinance doesn’t affect people enjoying these activities,” said Forrest Neuerburg, Monte Vista city manager.
The ordinance, as passed, does restrict for both residential and commercial the burning of garbage. “Since all residents and businesses are already required to have trash service, the council felt this really shouldn’t continue to be allowed,” Neuerburg added.  
The burning of yard waste such as leaves, small tree limbs and grass clippings is still allowed.  The ordinance suggests that residents utilize a burn barrel with a screen, but where that is not available, it is required that these items be burned inside an eight-foot circle that has been cleared for such purposes.
It is also required that all fires be attended by a responsible person and that water is immediately available to put out any fires. Burning can only start two hours after sunrise and no later than two hours before sunset. The use of accelerants such as gasoline is prohibited for these fires.
Under current municipal code that existed prior to the ordinance and which is still in effect, if a fire is causing excess smoke and odors and a complaint is lodged with the police department, such burning will have to cease. 


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