City clerk addresses council

Courtesy Photo During the March 8 walk-about, City Manager Forrest Neuerburg and City Councilor Victor Sigala stopped in to visit with Rain Home Care owner Carol Riggenbach.

MONTE VISTA— There are several items revolving around the city clerk’s office that city officials and community members have recently been involved in. City Clerk Unita Vance addressed the city council during their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, March 21 and shared the many positive happenings in the city of Monte Vista.

Vance began by stating the recent town walk-abouts in which the mayor, mayor pro tem and city manager toured local businesses were a great success. She shared photos with the audience that were taken with the participants during the walks. They visited several businesses on Adams Street, 2nd Avenue and Highway 160. The mayor pro tem and city manager also walked around the Crane Festival. These experiences garnered many questions from community members. The officials also met people during the Crane Festival who had had booths for over 25 years and some who were new to the event. Vance said the walkabouts are a valuable opportunity for everyone.

The next councilor up will be Kathy Lorenz who will tour additional businesses on Highway 160 and Washington Street. “They were fun, we learned a lot. With the mayor we got a lot of questions about the drugs in the town, about what can be done. They also asked what can we do for our youth, can we get more activities,” she said.

The city clerk reported that dog license registrations in the city have been going steadily up. Last year only 22 dogs were registered, with 65 overall when Vance was writing her report. “Since the day I wrote my report and today we have 102 registered dogs. That’s going way up which is really nice to see,” stated Vance.

The planning and zoning commission is currently working on an Airbnb ordinance, according to Vance. “Hopefully we will get that all buttoned up and brought to you guys (city council),” she said.

A very important item the city is working on is the annexation and charter review. It was originally held on Feb. 27, but only one community member attended. It has been rescheduled to Tuesday, April 30. A heavy advertisement and public service announcement effort will be made this time to increase public interest and participation. “This is a chance to participate in our charter review to look at things in the charter that would need to go out to the voters to change. It’s also looking at annexation possibilities of Highway 160 and Highway 285. Please if you can attend, we would love to have you be a part of those committees,” said Vance to the public.

Vance said that almost all businesses in town have renewed their licenses with several new businesses also appearing. Spring and summer have started and with it come an abundance of activities for community members to participate in. She read a quote from Anthony J. D’Angelo that states, “Without a sense of caring, their cannot be a sense of community.” She reminded everyone to support the local businesses and activities. “If they feel supported they will want to come in and be a part of the community,” she said.

Vance also serves as the court clerk for the Monte Vista Municipal Court. She stated there are 265 cases going through the court system, but many are closed with defendants paying their dues. There are programs to help those who cannot afford to pay their fines. Many people complete community service with businesses in town such as Rainbow’s End, Conour Animal Shelter and the Nazarene Thrift Store. She thanked the businesses who are willing to participate. For young offenders the Restorative Justice Program has proven effective and gives youth the opportunity to wipe their record clean if they complete the requirements.

Vance ended by sharing a review of Robert’s Rule of Order with the council and also stating that laminated copies of the code of conduct council members had committed to will be present at all future meetings.


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