City asks for volunteers to assemble playground

MONTE VISTA — The restoration of Sanchez Park is set to take place the week of Oct. 18, and the City is seeking volunteers to help assemble the new playground.

Sanchez Park is located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Monte Vista and has been a play space for many years, for children. Most parks are required to be updated about every 10 years, but Sanchez Park has been the same for about 25 years, according to Monte Vista Recreation Department Director Jaime Hurtado.

The City of Monte Vista has partnered with Kaboom, a national non-profit organization, and will receive a grant from the non-profit for between $20,000 to $25,000 to help complete the project. The City has also organized fundraisers for the project, with all proceeds going toward the rebuild of Sanchez Park. The community was also asked for their input on the design of Sanchez Park, and many residents voted on the design for the park.

Public Works Director Robert Vance said last week, “We are excited about the project coming together, but we are still in need of volunteers during the week of the project, to help put up all of the playground equipment.”

Vance said there are two shifts available for the project, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. 

A total of approximately 80-100 volunteers can be utilized for the rebuild project. Youth under the legal working age for the state are welcome to participate in youth-related activities but will not be able to participate in the construction areas.

Lunch and water will be provided, and gloves and safety materials will be provided for projects that require them.

Assembly will take place Monday, Oct. 18, through Wednesday, Oct. 20, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 4:30 p.m. each day. Residents are encouraged to sign up on the City of Monte Vista Recreations Facebook page. For more information, contact Vance at 719-852-8281.

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