Christians help throughout San Luis Valley

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 SAN LUIS VALLEY— From the 3Ms (Manassa, Monte Vista and Mosca) to Del Norte, Hooper, La Jara, then back to Alamosa. This year’s Christian Community Services Project (CCSP) groups served families in need of the San Luis Valley.

During the summer major amounts of yard work, painting, fence building and repair, metal roofing, deck repair, new flooring along with a new handicap bathroom and two handicap ramps were tackled.
There were five different church groups from four states (Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri) that participated in this mission over five weeks. Middle school and high school students, along with adult groups worked hard to accomplish all the various projects as local contractors and businessmen helped to supervise. Local businesses donated materials and money for these families that needed an extra hand with wheelchair access, cleared yards and lots, solid decks and roofs.

All of the CCSP groups did their work with real heart and soul, putting smiles and joy on the faces of the people they served. This year was a long and successful summer of projects.


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