Care and Share Mobile Market visits Monte Vista


Courtesy photos The Care and Share Mobile Market set up at the Tri County Seniors Center on Friday, March 24, and served about 50 people.

MONTE VISTA — The Care and Share Mobile Market set up at the Tri County Seniors Center on Friday, March 24, and served about 50 people. The food distribution was open to everyone. The food distribution takes place each month and provides residents of the Tri County Center along with San Luis Valley residents fresh produce and other food items.

The Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado distributes to 291 partners, across 31 countries. Care and Share receives donations from different places, suppliers either give donated, or low-cost food to the network. The food is then sorted by volunteers and staff members. It is organized and put on trucks or distributed to local neighborhoods near food banks. Care and Share partners to provide food, and fight hunger in Southern Colorado communities.

There were at least 50 people in line at the distribution in Monte Vista, with volunteers lined up giving avocados, eggs, bread, donuts, cupcakes, cheese, pineapples, and potatoes. Volunteers were seen picking produce and other food items out of the trucks, and asking residents what they would like as they distributed the food.

Some people only took produce, others asked for cupcakes and cheese. Many requested potatoes. The volunteers did everything with a smile. One volunteer said that they were happy to help, when a
resident took some items and said thank you.

Gladys Martinez was in line for produce. She said that for her family the end of the month is the hardest, and she appreciated the time of the month that the mobile food bank comes to town.

“We have our local food bank, and it really helps, too,” Martinez said. “I like to also come to this one because it seems like it comes here right at the time of the month my family and I need it the most. I don’t think anyone should feel bad coming here, I don’t feel bad, or feel shame. I think this is something that comes to help people in need, and everyone that needs the help should come and be proud to come. I have a family of six and my husband works only part-time. Work is hard here in the Valley. This helps us out until we get paid on the first, this is something really nice for the community.”

Marlene Velasquez said she was glad to see the seniors partaking in the distribution.

“Some seniors are out here and even though they live in a nice place like this, they are sometimes lonely, they don’t always have family members who visit,” Velasquez said. “It’s nice to see them out and taking some good stuff upstairs to where they live. They are smiling and talking to everyone. I think this is helpful to bring people together, too.”

Care and Share also takes cash donations. For more information on donating or their programs, visit their website

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