BME students learn about the dangers of drug use

MONTE VISTA — Rachael Torres’ class gave a prevention project presentation to members of the Rio Grande Prevention Partners as well as other Bill Metz Elementary students on Monday, May 21. The class has been working on the prevention project since January, completing their own research and learning about separating fact from fiction in their research. The class was also assisted by Kim Vialpando, Tony Martinez and Nancy Molina with Rio Grande Prevention Partners.
Monday’s presentation included watching a video about the effects of smoking, including passive smoking, followed by a short skit, complete with props constructed by the students. The skit followed two students, Kim and Justin, walking through an alley when they run into two high school students who attempt to offer them marijuana, but the students wisely decline and instead tell the high school students about the dangers of marijuana use. Accompanying the presentation was an informational tri-fold flyer designed by students Adaliya Perez and Dejah Jacquez and a board with information about the dangers of drug use.
Torres asked her class what one important thing they learned while completing the project was, with Pablo answering, “If you do smoke, it will affect you,” and Madison answering “To never smoke because it’s bad for you.” Torres then asked her students what the main reason for them completing the project was, with Mason answering “To teach other people not to do drugs.” Torres added she hoped the students took the experience and knowledge they have gained and use it if they are ever in a difficult situation where they have to decline drugs.

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