Artist draws inspiration for Swoop of Crane from ‘Karate Kid’

Photo courtesy of Danielle Trodick Local artists Danielle Trodick painted a crane for Swoop of the Crane. She was sponsored by her employer, Noah’s Arff.

MONTE VISTA — Local artist Danielle Trodick attended the Monte Vista Crane Festival and was excited to talk about the crane she painted for Swoop of the Cranes in downtown Monte Vista.

Swoop of the Cranes is a residential art and city beautification project promoted by the Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce. Businesses and citizens are encouraged to sponsor a 5-foot steel crane that is decorated by a local artist of their choosing. The completed piece is considered artwork is then attached to a pole in the town of Monte Vista and is on display from March through August. The cranes are removed and then offered at a local auction, where proceeds go toward community projects. 

Trodick was sponsored by her place of work, Noah’s Arff.

“I gained so much inspiration from seeing all the beautiful cranes painted in downtown Monte Vista. I know that once a year the Crane Festival is held, and it's such a beautiful event. I spoke with my husband about painting a crane and he was all for it.”

Trodick said she has been an artist since school but has not done much art professionally.

“But the Crane festival really inspired me,” she said. “I think this event touches everyone that lives in the San Luis Valley because we get to see the true beauty of our Valley and the wildlife that surrounds us, at this festival.”

Trodick was honored to paint the crane for her employer. She said it took about 8 hours to complete. She said she drew inspiration from the Valley and from “The Karate Kid.”

“I included a freelance picture of a sandhill crane in my painting, along with colors of the Valley that I have seen, and I remember watching the ‘Karate Kid’ and thinking his crane move was one of the neatest things I had ever seen,” she said. “I put it all together and it really worked out nicely. Being honest, I already have a place in my living room where I want to put my crane, so when the auction happens, I will probably buy it back. I am proud to be a part of the Swoop of the Cranes and hope to be able to paint a crane again next year.”