Alarmed at the direction of this country

Letters to the Editor

Many of us here in the SLV are alarmed at the direction this country is taking and how we got here. It’s not just climate change that demands urgent action, it’s also a broken, expensive healthcare system, exploding homelessness, unprecedented disparity of wealth, a corrupt political system that can best be described as legalized bribery, endless war and the utter insanity of our military spending. And that’s just the shortlist.
Some good news is that Colorado voters will have a clear choice in this election cycle to send someone to the U.S. Senate who can and will make a difference. Andrew Romanoff is running and I’m completely convinced that he is the most qualified candidate and our best hope to change course. Go to his website ( and read his platform. Also check out his schedule of upcoming events and get out and hear him for yourself.
Getting him elected won’t be easy. Andrew’s first hurdle will be the caucus vote Saturday, March 7.
There are several Democrats in the Colorado race and the field will be narrowed for the primary ballot. The Washington Democratic Establishment has already bestowed its support on former governor John Hickenlooper. The fact that Hickenlooper hasn’t bothered to show up at several of the debates that have already taken place says a lot about his candidacy. There are big differences between the candidates within the Colorado Democratic Party. I feel strongly
that we don’t have the time to send a “business as usual” centrist candidate to the Senate because
“business as usual” isn’t getting it done. That’s why I’m supporting Andrew. He’s got the ideas, the integrity and the energy. He’s in it to work for the people, not corporations and special interest groups that have a chokehold on our political and electoral system.
You can find out when and where your precinct caucus is being held by going to the Colorado Dems. Website Unfortunately, there are no absentee ballots. You must be present for your vote to count and you also must be a registered Democrat by Feb. 14 in order to participate in the caucus March 7. Help send a message to Washington Democrats that we don’t need them to tell Colorado voters who to send to Congress.
Wade Lockhart
Crestone, Colorado


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