Accuweather’s ski snow forecast

AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok and his team have been analyzing weather patterns for the season ahead, and he offered up some early insights into the weather conditions that may influence conditions for the upcoming ski season. For a solid ski season to occur, cold air, which was lacking last season, is a must, he said. This year, however, the forecast suggests that many places across the United States will have amply snowy ski slopes to turn to when people need a break from the stuffy indoors.

Colorado and Utah, two states often recognized for idyllic, powdery conditions, are not expected to experience the best set of weather factors this season. Despite an early start with skiers already taking advantage of snowy slopes, “massive” warmups from the Southwest could lead to big temperature swings at times during the season, resulting in melting and icy conditions that are less than ideal for plunging down a mountain. The frequency of storms for the two states will also be much more of a miss than other years. Central and northern Colorado should experience a relatively normal season, but southern Colorado down into New Mexico is where the problems will arise.



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